Enail kit

Enails remove the chemicals and overheating of concentrates that are often seen in regular dab enail kit. "Consequently, their flavour is more pure than that of quartz bangers and torches because of this.

As an extra benefit, removing butane from the mixture restores the concentrates' natural flavour while also lowering the danger of health risks connected with inhaling torch chemicals. An other way to improve the flavour of Enail is to put a quartz dish inside of it. A variety of foods, like as titanium, may be used with an enail to reduce the flavour and provide a normal dabbing sensation.

Why not use a hammer and a torch instead? Nails may be used in their place.

Dabbing at higher or lower temperatures has its perks and downsides, and it's never been easier to figure out which you like. There is no guesswork about when it's time to dab or how long the crystal dish will stay hot with this device. Because of its accurate temperature control and easy click-and-press operation, this Enail is well-liked by both expert and new users.

Conveniently Adjustable

In contrast to desktop enail kit, this wireless option comes with a rechargeable battery and can be used with any size dab setup.

Enail from Freeze Pipe comes with an adjustable tip that enables it to suit 14 and 18 mm female bowls. It's roughly the size of your fist."

Includes: - An enail - A dabbing enail kit - A charging cable - An instruction booklet - Transport-ready packaging

How to Apply an Enail in the Correct Way

You must push and hold down the power button for five seconds in order to turn the gadget on. Place the wax in the quartz chamber and hold down the power button for a total of three seconds after selecting the optimum temperature. During the quick rise in temperature, the LED screen will display the electronic nail vibrating.

Inhalation may commence when the temperature reaches the required level. There is a 60-second countdown timer on the electronic nail, and the temperature you set it to will be maintained until it cools down. Once you've arrived at your destination, keep going in this way.