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Electric Dab Rig

Dabbing is more labor-intensive than other methods of cannabis consumption. Despite this, if you have a basic idea of how dabbing works and what an electric dab rig is, you will find that the things on this list are fairly easy to utilise.

To begin learning how to dab, it doesn't take long or effort to understand the fundamentals. When it comes to dabbing, there's a lot of debate over which method is best. Even while we at ECR prefer e-rigs, many people think that this is not the most effective strategy, and there are definitely benefits to adopting a number of methods. ECR vapes. Although it may seem daunting, dabbing is really rather simple, whether you use an old-school dabbing setup or something more cutting-edge like an e-rig:

Make sure you're focused

Because dabbing with electric dab rig is a time-sensitive activity, it is ideal to have your focus in a near-complete condition before heating the nail.

Apply some heat to your nail to make it grow faster.

If you're using a typical setup, heating the nail might be harmful. However, it's easy to do: simply aim your torch at the nail and apply the flame directly to it. It should light just faintly red at this temperature.

Allow for cooling.

Waiting for the nail to cool down before adding the material is necessary when using a typical electric dab rig. Waiting for titanium to cool after quartz has been heated for the specified 45 seconds is more like 10 seconds.

The nail is the proper spot for the dot.

Using a dab bong involves "dabbing," which refers to the act of putting the concentrate on the heated nail and inhaling from it. Rotating the nail's tip is an effective way to remove as much debris from the nail's tip as feasible (for both efficiency and ease of cleaning later on).

A carb cap is a good idea to keep your engine safe (if you have one). Covering over the nail region, the carb cap prevents material from being lost and aids in airflow control.

That's all there is to it! Take a deep breath and notice how you feel after exhaling your dabs. Dabs are far more potent than cannabis flowers, making dosing difficult.