E Dab Rigs

To put it simply, a dab rig is a device designed specifically for the ingestion of cannabis concentrates, most often referred to as dabs. A bong-like e dab rigs features additional attachments that make it more like a dab rig than a bong. The biggest difference between dabbing and smoking is that it's more like vaping. A "nail" is used to heat a concentrate, rather than exposing the item being ingested directly to flame. Despite the fact that using a flame causes the nail to get rather hot and increases the risk of combustion, this method offers many of the same benefits as vaping as compared to smoking.

Dabber setups come in many forms.

A few general categories may be drawn from all the many types of dab rigs. These include conventional dab rigs such as recyclers and nectar gatherers, as well as dab straws, electronic nails, and e dab rigs with electronics.

Dab Rigs: The Most Typical It's a bong with a nail that has to be heated with a torch, and these are the classic options we've already discussed. A secondary chamber in certain recyclers keeps the vapour even colder so that you don't have to worry about water splashing up in your face when you use them. There are, of course, many more designs to choose from.

Collectors of Nectar: In many ways, nectar collectors resemble e dab rigs, except they work in reverse. Straws for the mouthpiece and a titanium or quartz tip that is heated in the same way as a nail are used.

When it comes to heating nails with fire, E-nails are a safe and more reliable alternative. Instead of using a recycled crème brûlée torch, E-nails provide a nail that heats up electrically. Electronic nails are offered in a variety of pricing ranges. Contrary to its name, this is a dab nail that is powered by an electric current.

Dabbing with an e-rig is as simple as plugging it in and pressing the button. It's an e-nail with a water pipe and a mouthpiece all rolled into one handy gadget. It's a great option to utilise if you don't have anything else and want to make dabbing as simple and risk-free as possible.