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Dab Rig

Using a water pipe known as a dab rig, cannabis concentrates are ingested as dabs. Comparable to the function of a bong is passing cannabis vapours over water. A dab rig might get be use to rosin, ingest oil, sauce, butter, diamonds, and many solvent and non-solvent types of hash.

What is the purpose of a dab rig?

For the express purpose of inhaling cannabis extracts with a high THC content, specialised equipment known as dab rigs was developed. Cannabinoids are typically inhaled and absorbed by persons who use cannabis flowers in the form of pipes, bongs, bubblers, and joints. Concentrates of cannabis respond differently when heated compared to the cannabis plant itself. When heated, butane hash oil, butter, and rosin all become liquid, and this liquid will eventually seep out of the bottom of a standard pipe bowl.

What is the proper way to use a dab rig?

A "nail" is a little glass water pipe equipped with a heating attachment for cannabis concentrate. The phrase "dab rig" refers to this apparatus. The standard nail is a glass bucket, sometimes known as a "quartz banger." When the Nail is heated, vapour is formed, which is then cooled and filtered as it goes down the rig and into the water.

It takes around 30 seconds to heat the nail with the torch, however this may vary depending on the substance of the nail. When the nail is cooled, the time allowed for it to cool is governed by its composition, and the time allowed for it to cool is dependent on the nail's density. After the cannabis concentrate has achieved the appropriate temperature, a little quantity should be withdrawn from the container and put in a separate bowl. After applying your dab, take a deep inhale. Before taking a puff, ensure that the carb cap on your nail vaporizer is in the right position.


There is a wide variety of dab rig layouts and prices, ranging from $50 to well over $10,000. A particular segment of the art market trades only in high-end dab rigs. Electronic dab rigs and nails, such as the Puffco Peak, are also available.