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Temperature is key to making good rosin! A good rule of thumb to remember is: Lower temperatures (190°F- 220°F) = more flavor/terpenes, less yield, end material is more stable (butter-like/honey consistency.

The Kikvape rosin press are pre-set to 210 Fahrenheit in manufacture. So you just need to plug and power on the machine, it will start to heating the plates. If you want to change the temperature, just need to press "set" button and then press "up or down", then press "set" agian to confirm your setting.

The recommended heating setting for the flowers:180-230 Fahrenheit.

The recommended heating setting for the concentrates:150-200 Fahrenheit.

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If you accidentally press the set button on the enail box, No worry about it,you can turn off the power switch,wait for a while,and turn on the power switch again,then you can use it normally according to the user manual to operate it,no need any program setting.