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A digital or Enail is just what it sounds like

Cannabis extracts high in THC are heated and inhaled using E-nails, also known as "electronic nails," which are "electronic nails." Instead of utilising an open flame to heat a nail on a dab rig, where cannabis concentrates are vaporised, E-nails use electricity to heat concentrates. Dabbers may now choose and maintain a temperature that is safe and consistent for their dabs.

The enail is a particular smoking device used by dabbers to inhale the high levels of THC present in their cannabis concentrates. Electronic nails have replaced open flames as a source of heat for dabbing cannabis oil.

It's common for a dab rig's nail to be heated up to a reddish-orange temperature before cannabis extracts are inserted into it. As an alternative, an electronic nail, or enail, is an attachment that may be used to heat up a nail that heats up electrically in order to dab concentrates on a dab rig. A battery or a wall outlet may be used to power electronic nails.

E- nail's benefits

Because they don't need a torch or butane, e-nails are not only more cost-effective, but they're also safer. An important step in protecting the environment is to eliminate butane and its cans.

As a result, e-nails allow you to fine-tune the temperature of your dabs, allowing you to adjust it gradually. Higher temperatures allow for more THC to be decarboxylated, while lower temperatures allow for more terpenes to be produced.

Since e-nails allow you to maintain a steady temperature throughout the operation, you won't have to repeatedly heat and reheat the nail like you would with a torch.

When it comes to e-nails, Taskrok is credited for inventing both the first carb caps and the term 710, according to the owner of Top Shelf Extracts, Daniel De Sailles.

Instructions for using a digital nail

Using an enail is much like using a conventional nail, except it's a lot more convenient. Before you can begin dabbing, you must first choose the desired e-nail temperature and then wait for the e-nail to reach that temperature. Using a carb cap, add a little amount of concentrate on your electronic nail and heat it up as you would a traditional nail. After the e-nail has cooled off, use rubbing alcohol to clean it.